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How to set Boundaries!

Take time out.

Take some time to reflect on your relationships.

You can't change people.

As much as we would like to mold and shape people into who and what we want them to be, this is not possible.

What are the consequences?

Before you approach anyone, you will have to decide what the consequences of breaking your Boundaries will be.

Use the correct language.

When you have finally plucked up the courage to speak to this person, make sure you use the right language.

Don't get confrontational.

In general, empaths don't like conflict; however, as mentioned above, language and the way you approach the situation is important.

Don't compromise.

When it comes to setting Boundaries, the worst thing you can do is compromise.


A simple Guide to setting Boundaries, Controlling your emotions and making life easier

Author Judy Dyer


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#whataretheconsequences #usethecorrectlanguage


#dontcompromise #theempoweredempath

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