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Blissful Body Goddess

Hello Friend's my name is Amy-Marie Gagnon I am the owner of Blissful Body Thai Massage & Yoga. I started my business in March 21, 2021 and it has been the best thing I could have ever done.

My business is done out of my home my husband made me a beautiful relaxing safe space to invite people into for massage.

I will have you all know that I work with the Universe to give you unconditional love and healing 💕 to make you feel safe and cared for to spoil you with care and to have you leaving my home feeling taken care of🥰

I started out with Thai Massage and have added Indian head massage, LomiLomi massage, Relaxation massage, Stone massage and my favorite Fusion Massage where I combine Three massages into one massage Thai, Relaxation and Stone.

I will ask clients if it is ok to add some yoga to their massage even if your not getting Thai or Fusion. I find that it helps your body, mind and soul. Most people agree but it's ok to just stay with their regular massage.

I have a love for yoga and have my 200 hr Embodiment yoga course it's trauma respectful practice that I teach. I only teach small groups as I don't have space for a big group, but I find that perfect especially for those you have trauma that smaller groups are perfect 👌

Thank you everyone you are all Blessings and I am grateful to all of you


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