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The Full Story


Hello Beautiful souls and welcome to Blissful Body Thai Massage and Yoga!  My 

My name is Amy and I started this beautiful journey two years ago out of my.  

I was in health care for over 20 years and have always had a heart for helping people, over the years the health care system burnt me out I out and I was working with my cup half-full.  It was time for a change, It was time to live my legend to be passionate, connected to make a small difference in someones life.

At Blissful Body Thai Massage and Yoga you will receive unconditional love and healing through different massages and a trauma respectful yoga practice.  I work with the Divine to help you connect with your mind body and soul.


Blissful Body Thai Massage & Yoga is about  caring for the whole person, to support  your physical, mental and spiritual needs.


I work with unconditional love and healing  I am guided by the Divine to hold space for any soul who wants to heal through massage, breath and movement.  

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